IMG_0198Every year, Seattle CityClub highlights the work of organizations “bringing civic education and engagement to teens across Washington State.”

We are in some truly fine company, fellow 2014 award winners are Dessert and Politics at Nathan Hale High School in Seattle, Judges in the Classroom, Legislative Youth Advisory Council, and REWA’s Youth Program.

Please join us on September 9th at 5:30 at Town Hall Seattle for this *free* event. Food and drinks will be served. Please RSVP today – we want to fill the house with FEEST friends and family.


Do you love food, food justice and working with young people? This may be the place for you!!

We are excited to announce that we are now accepting applications for a Program Coordinator! Work directly with our youth at our weekly dinner program, collaborate with FEEST staff and interns and revel in all that FEEST has to offer.

Interested? Click thru to learn more. The position closes August 1, 2014.

Want to know more about FEEST before you throw your hat in the ring? Check out this awesome video from the Real Food Media Project.

FEEST *hearts* Sprout!

June 18, 2014



Recently, a group called Sprout made a large in-kind donation to support our FEEST dinner program. They gave us tons of silverware, huge stainless steel mixing bowls, about a dozen pitchers, hundreds of cups and some great, huge bins for storing and transporting FEEST supplies!

Sprout started a few years back with a mission similar to ours. They wished to bring food and art together to make our world a better place. Something FEEST also strives to do everyday. As a sister organization, its too bad Sprout is closing up shop, but we are very thankful for all the new items that will stock our kitchens and help our students continue to cook up delicious, healthy meals!

photo 2

Here’s Sarah (R) from Sprout and our fearless new Kitchen Programs Coordinator, Elizabeth (L).

What an ally we have in the great folks at Sprout!!! Thank you!



Learn more about FEEST! This is a great introduction to our work and our vibe.

Be sure to also check out this great article about FEEST on Huffington Post:

The job is now listed on Idealist:

Deadline for applications is June 15th, 2014.

See the job posting here:

 or here

Hi,I’m Winter, I am 16, a junior and just had my first FEEST experience. Even before FEEST today was just feeling like a really nice day, it’s sunny and I had an awesome class outside. This and the FEEST energy just made the food taste so good, legitimately better than normal! WE made a green salad with carrots, red bell peppers, craisins, and almond slices. A fruit salad of watermelon, apples, grapefruit, and mint. A mung been soup with boc choy and onions and I’m not completely sure what else.  Tofu that was marinated in rice vinegar, soy sauce, garlic, and cilantro. Sauteed parsnips. Green beans with feta, walnuts, and tomatoes. Rice. And sauteed carrots and boc choy. It was just an all together great energy with fun music and amazing fresh food and community. I’m so glad that I came and that this is something we have access to!





my name is zaccheus jackson i have been going to feest for about 6 weeks know i have enjoyed my experience i have met alot of people who i know consider my friends and some even like family. since i have gotten more comfortable i only use to make juice know i have gotten more comfortable i have been able to make acultural dish  i made spegetti everyone seemed to like thant changed my experience so today i made mash potatoes with brroccile with carrots and seasoning i think it was won of the best day besides my culture dish so far and hope to experience more like this



Halimah, 18 - Nova High School

I was excited when Elizabeth suggested I share a cultural recipe at the next FEEST community dinner. And for the past year that I’ve been involved with culinary, the one recipe I always share is the soup of bean recipe because it is my all time favorite. I make it at home a lot and it’s pretty easy to make in the first place. All you need is some beans (preferably red beans), tomatoes (optional) and salt and spices, any kind you like! It typically eaten with white rice or roti (african bread). And where did this fabulous dish come from? Kenya! My dad’s side of the family is from Kenya while my mom’s side is from Somalia, but my siblings and I were born in Kenya and my family has taken most of the Kenyan traditions. Although I don’t really eat the cultural dishes, most of them I love and this one is #1 on my list. Okay, so here’s how you make this awesome dish:
boil some beans (until they are soft and ready to be eaten)
drain them and put them in a container and in the fridge until they are no longer EXTREMELY hot
blend small proportions of the beans in a blender or food processor until they are coarse.
add beans back into the pot, add some water to let boil as you also add salt and spices (my favorite is curry!)
It’s delicious, hearty, and……….delicious!


My experience here today was AMAZING, from cooking with amazing people to having a thanksgiving-felt dinner with some very amazing people. I learned how to properly use a knife and i also was inspired to widen my cultural food bank. I never thought that coming to feest would impact my life in the way that it did. i personally made roasted broccoli yet all of my opinions and suggestions to others were heard. Sitting down at the table with my peers and the over-viewers, saying what we were thankful for and what was in our dishes, it was a family-feel. the adult supervisors were very kind and encouraging, motivating, and inspiring. They created a welcoming and open environment for us to express ourselves, i don’t think that feest is just about cooking its about family. 



feast today was very fun we cooked fried rice with eggplant, onion, lemon, celantro, and with lots of other stuff we also had salad and brussol spriots we had lemon and orange juice everyone worked together and helped each other out when it came down to eat we  all sat down and gave thanks and then we served the person next to us first and then we ate and talked and we laughed and talked about what we where like when we where kid and all the things we did. robbie got a challenge not to eat his cake pop unitll tomorrow and they will give him $5 dollers and so far it seems to be very hard for him. it was a very fun day today at feast.


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