Nathalie, 14- Chief Sealth High School

IMG_189111Our media interns, Mahala and Evelyn, interviewed our FEEST newcomer, Nathalie at Chief Sealth High School.

1. If you could be a fruit , what would you be?

If I could be a fruit, I would probably be a watermelon!  I love watermelon and its very sweet and juicy.

2. Did FEEST make you feel “feestly”, if so, how?

Yes, because I get to be with new people who I don’t see or aren’t close with.

3. Has FEEST impacted your life, if so, how?

Yes, because there are a lot of people, not just me, who loves cooking and FEEST helps you make you food you wouldn’t normally make at home.  Also, you get to experiment on food, like food that doesn’t go together.

4. What did you make today?

Today I made scramble eggs with tomatoes, onions and added salt for flavor.  I would name it ETOS.  Because its the ingredients first letter.

Nathalie, 14- Chief Sealth High School

Recap: FEEST at the Governor’s Mansion by Adara Thao

The FEEST team at the Governor's Mansion.
The FEEST team at the Governor’s Mansion.

On September 25, the Governor’s wife, First Lady, Trudi Inslee, invited FEEST interns to the Governor’s Mansion for an event.  We were all very excited about this opportunity to meet with the Mrs. Inslee, but also very nervous. Because of our nervousness and excitement we took time to prepare ourselves by writing a small speeches, practicing introducing ourselves, and advocating our concerns in our community. We all just really wanted things to go well and help make a change in our communities.


When we first arrived we taken aback at how small the gathering was but later found out FEEST was the only group invited! We joined the group that was being led by the gardener.  He was talking about the vegetables, then pulled us under the tent and started going into more details about it.  He talked about how cutting a few or all the leaves off a vegetable but leaving all the roots in would allow the plant to keep growing.  I didn’t know about that and I’m sure a few people learned something new. He also gave us our very own seeds to start our own garden which I thought was awesome!


FEEST Interns listen to the Governor's gardener talk about growing vegetables.
FEEST Interns listen to the Governor’s gardener talk about growing vegetables.

When we rotated to the next tent the sweet smell of corn lingered in the air, excited we stood there as a chef made a dish with the freshly picked vegetables. He first made a salad with carrots and cucumbers; it was really good, the dressing he put on it was tangy, sweet and savory. Then, he pulled out corn out from the grill around him and the sweet smell of it intensified, it was sweet and juicy; the best corn I’ve ever have tasted. While we were eating, a few of our interns started to talk to Mrs.Inslee, they introduced themselves and talked about what FEEST is and what we do. She told us that they could call if they ever needed something


Executive Director Cristina Orbe, Interns  Fatma, Halimah and Salma and First Lady, Trudi Inslee in the Mansion's dining room.
Executive Director Cristina Orbe, Interns
Fatma, Halimah and Salma and First Lady, Trudi Inslee in the Mansion’s dining room.

After we got done eating, Mrs.Inslee invited us to her home.  When I first saw it I thought it was simply beautiful. When we stepped inside, the first thing we saw was the stairs that lead to this old grandfather clock.  She gave us a tour showing us the library, which she said was one of her husband’s favorite rooms. She took us to the dining room which had this beautiful glass chandelier hanging over it, then into a room with this grand piano that she let me play! The keys moved effortlessly and it sounded beautiful, when we moved upstairs we got to see where they mostly spent their days. They had their own living quarters upstairs.  She even showed is a picture of when President Obama came and met with them. At the end of the tour, she told us that she would love for us to come back again.


It was such a great experience and it was amazing!  I’m so grateful that we were given such an amazing opportunity, Fatma, my fellow intern said, “The experience was great because not only did we get to see the Governor’s garden and some of small meals they eat, but we also got a tour of their house and got to see how the Governor lived. I was amazed that out of the whole house only one floor belonged to them and have their personal area.  Overall it was an amazing experience and was really amazing to know that most part of the house is a museum!” I would like to thank Mrs.Inlsee for inviting us and having us as guest in her home.

Recap: FEEST at the Governor’s Mansion by Adara Thao

Check out the 2014 Good Food Org Guide

jamesbeard.foodtankFEEST is included in the 2014 Good Food Org Guide. We love being included with local luminaries Beacon Food Forest, Cascade Harvest Coalition, City Fruit, Garden-Raised Bounty (GRuB), The Non-GMO Project, Puget Sound Sage, Seattle Tilth, and Washington Sustainable Food & Farming Network.

Developed by the James Beard Foundation and Food Tank, this is the first of what will be an annual guide to who’s who of “organizations who combat childhood obesity, malnourishment, and physical inactivity; prevent food waste; educate consumers on healthy, nutritious food choices; create networks of social entrepreneurs; protect food and restaurant workers; highlight solutions for restoring the health of people and the planet; work with indigenous communities to preserve traditions, culture, and biodiversity; inspire and educate individuals to cook more of their own food; and protect public health, human health, and the environment.”

It can be downloaded here:

Check out the 2014 Good Food Org Guide

Keya-16, Chief Sealth High School

Our media intern, Mahala got an interview with Keya, a sophomore at Chief Sealth High School about her FEEST experience.


First-time FEESTer Keya was on Team Fried Okra and Pumpkin Seeds!

What did you expect when you came to FEEST?

At FEEST, I expected to come in and have fun and learn some new things about cooking with my freinds

What dish did you make?  What were the ingredients in it? Have you ever made anything like this before?

My group made fried okra and baked pumpkin seeds.  This was my first time making these two dishes, which contain soy sauce, okra, pumpkin seeds, onion, corn and seasoning.

Did you try anything new today?  Based on this experience, would you be open to trying something new again?

The whole idea of cooking was new because I usually don’t cook but I am more than welcome to come back and I also really want to, to learn something new again.

Will you come back to FEEST dinner?  Why?

I will come back because I got learn and experience cooking.  Which is usually out of my box.

Keya-16, Chief Sealth High School

Alia-Freshman, Evergreen High School HS3

Our Media Intern, Mariam,  sat down with Alia, a freshman at Evergreen High School to talk about school lunch and her FEEST experience.

aliaWhat did you have for lunch today at school?

At school today, I ate a cheese pizza and French fries.  The cheese on the pizza tasted really weird.  It was almost like it was plastic; it wasn’t melted fully and it wasn’t cooked properly.  The fries were oily and hard like potato chips.  It tasted like the oil was old, like it was reused.

What do you think the pizza was made of?

I think the pizza was made of bread and some kind of sauce.  It was really nasty.  I wasn’t really sure at all what it was made from.  I felt weird that I didn’t know what it was but I was eating it.

What did we eat at FEEST and how was it different from today’s lunch?

We ate a vegetable soup, a salad, omelets, fried rice and there was also a smoothie!  It was fun because we did it from our own hands.  It’s so different from the school, because we don’t know what we are eating and I knew exactly what was in the dishes at FEEST.

Alia-Freshman, Evergreen High School HS3

FEEST is honored with a 2014 Colleen Willoughby Youth Civic Education Award!

IMG_0198Every year, Seattle CityClub highlights the work of organizations “bringing civic education and engagement to teens across Washington State.”

We are in some truly fine company, fellow 2014 award winners are Dessert and Politics at Nathan Hale High School in Seattle, Judges in the Classroom, Legislative Youth Advisory Council, and REWA’s Youth Program.

Please join us on September 9th at 5:30 at Town Hall Seattle for this *free* event. Food and drinks will be served. Please RSVP today – we want to fill the house with FEEST friends and family.

FEEST is honored with a 2014 Colleen Willoughby Youth Civic Education Award!

New opportunity: We are hiring a program coordinator!


Do you love food, food justice and working with young people? This may be the place for you!!

We are excited to announce that we are now accepting applications for a Program Coordinator! Work directly with our youth at our weekly dinner program, collaborate with FEEST staff and interns and revel in all that FEEST has to offer.

Interested? Click thru to learn more. The position closes August 1, 2014.

Want to know more about FEEST before you throw your hat in the ring? Check out this awesome video from the Real Food Media Project.