Today was our weekly FEEST! Our youth led Food Empowerment Education Sustainability Team hooked us up with a delicious healthy meal! This was a fun time to get together with the youngstown community and connect with my family outside of home! The meal was good, but I felt more support from the community. Alot of kids dont get to have dinner with a “family.” We shared some stories like our bad run ins with the cops, we sang disney songs (or at least I did), and we shared a bond that I think everyone here appreciates. A bond that connects young and old, giving a place of belonging to all at the dinner table. Be sure to join us next week, every wednesday at 5:30 pm. Come at 4 if you want to cook.

Peace and Love,

Mister Crister @ Evergreen High.

Photos provided by Alexander Meas and Madeleine Anderson.


May 21, 2009


Hey wassup! It’s Khatsini, giving you the scoop on what went down at FEEST tonight. Firstly, great news! FEEST is expanding! Before the actual dinner, we had our first meeting about holding FEEST in the near future at High Point Community Center. We discussed what FEEST would look like there, what possible times it would happen and other legistical factors. So far, we are planning to have FEEST 5 Mondays (every other Monday) during the end of this school year and in the summer at High Point. I’m one of the leaders for this project and I also live in High Point. I’m really excited to be working with other Youngstown staff and youth on starting this FEEST. I also think this will be a great opportunity to start building more connections and community in High Point. Look out for future news about FEEST at  High Point! Okay, now for the food! Today’s food was Delicious! With a capital D! I talked to Jessie and Robby, the head and assistant chefs in the kitchen and they helped me out with the menu specifics.We had plenty of fruit: apples, strawberries with rhubarb (that made my mouth water!), fried tofu, fried yams, fruit mixed with cucumbers! I forget which type of fruit it was, but it was the bomb! The main dish was orzo (kind of like a thick rice) with Kalamata olives, chives, red & white onions, feta cheese and asparagus. We had two types of salads with funky fancy dressing (orange juice with olive oil and vinegar with pepper, strawberry jam, salt and Dijon mustard). I was so full, but I had to go back for seconds it was just that good. Seriously! We had about 3 or 4 people come through today for their first time and we all had a really chill time just talking and hanging out. I know everybody was super glad to be eating because the plates were cleaned in no time (so was the kitchen!). The sun was shining, people were smiling, the kitchen crew made amazing food. This FEEST was all around beautiful. Be sure to come through, and don’t hesitate to stay for clean-up =].




May 14, 2009

Feest was very interesting this week. I got a very good vibe from everyone and I had some delicious food. They had a seating arangment at this weeks feest, which I thought was interesting. The seating arangement went youth, adult, youth, adult. The chefs prepared an awe inspiring meal of sweet yam potato french fries, the usual green salad, pineapple slices, mango slices (with cayane pepper and salt), green beans, a fruit salad, and quinoa. I had some nice conversations and thanked the Feest Gods for Light Limeade Odwalla. All in all, I had a stomach filling meal and a very pleasant time with my peers. For anyone who is interested in coming to Feest it is evey Wednesday at 5:30 PM . Ne’er a dull moment.  If you want to help out in the kitchen come at 4:00 PM.

Ann Norton

May 12, 2009


This week’s FEEST was merged together with Chief Sealth High School’s talent show. Our expectations were far exceeded when it came to number of people who were coming. However, have no fear, our wonderful kitchen crew were able to save the day by providing enough food for everyone. The performers were very talented and very entertaining. My personal favorite was probably the Pie/Pi song. It was pretty hilarious. Of course, all the performances were great. We also had a group of youth from Servia visit us. They got a tour youngstown, a taste of FEEST, and overall a very positive experience in Seattle. We hope to see some familiar faces at the next feest.CURRY




Our food was too delicious for words. I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

                POTATOES         TOFU         ROBBY


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