Sofia, 16 Chief Sealth

Check out this interview by Chief Sealth Media Intern, Mahala!
 IMG_1671“1 in 5 students suffer from child hunger” how do you feel about that?
That doesn’t make me feel good! Food is a very important asset of our lives especially having nutritious food. It’s really sad that people especially children should have the right to healthy food, no matter how much money they have it’s a basic necessity and it’s not fair!
 What could you do to help prevent child hunger? 
I could go to soup kitchens and cook food for people and children. I could donate to food banks and mentor a kid in my community by making sure that they have what they need.
 As a student what challenges do you face with food access at school?
The main thing is not having the best food at school which makes me not want to eat. I would like to eat a salad from school but they run out really quickly, also vending machines at my school have pretty healthy options unlike most schools we have juice and water and not soda. When I am really hungry I walk 8 minutes to Westwood village and spend $4 on a little thing of fruit that I do not think is a reasonable price for food and the most inexpensive foods are the unhealthiest.
What are you cooking at FEEST today? 
My group and I are making a salad with fruits, cheese, chard, spinach, carrots, and zucchini.
What is your favorite moment/memory from today’s dinner?
Just coming because I’ve never been before because it’s a good vibe and healthy food we can be excited about because we have the opportunity to make it ourselves.
Sofia, 16 Chief Sealth

Asher, 15- Chief Sealth

IMG_1532Q: Did you know that 1 in 4 students suffer from child hunger, how do you think that affects you personally?

A: I didn’t know that but I don’t think it affects me personally, I feel sympathetic for them but it doesn’t affect me.

Q: As a student what challenges do you face with food access at school?

A: Well I have to pay for lunch but that’s really it. At school the pizza is better than they were in middle school but about half of the food at this school I eat and the rest is DISGUSTING!

Q: What’s The Biggest Risk You’ve Ever Taken? How does it connect to helping others?

A: Well recently I volunteered for link crew and that helps incoming freshmen to get prepared for their oncoming high school years and I personally help them by mentoring them through their freshman year.

Q: Are you willing to help others in situations where you have the upper hand?

A: Yes, totally! If I have a friend who can’t afford lunch and I have money instead of buying them school lunch which I rarely eat myself I will go out and buy them lunch.

Q: Rate your day on a scale of 1 to 10 & why

A: 6, because it’s super slow going and I was extremely tired before I came to FEEST and my day is slowly progressing because of FEEST and the positive energy that FEEST brings to my life.

Asher, 15- Chief Sealth

Josh, 15- Chief Sealth

IMG_1463Q: What could you do to help prevent child hunger?

I could donate, donate money to ANYONE who is in need!! I have a food bank near my home that I could regularly donate to.

Q: Why do you think so many people eat school lunch?

Some kids probably don’t have enough money to afford food. I know people who survive off of school food.

Q: What’s The Biggest Risk You’ve Ever Taken? How does it connect to helping others

The biggest risk I’ve ever taken was crossfire!! Basically putting myself in between gunfire and violence! I feel like it helps others because it shows that being in those situations is not save and its not good to be around people who poorly influence you because you could be killed.

Q: How often do you eat fast food and what is your reasoning for consuming fast food?

OFTEN, probably like once a day!! I like it because I walk home and I see McDonald’s everyday so I just stop by!

Q: What are you cooking today?


Q: My favorite thing that happened today?

Coming to FEEST because it is COMPLETELY different from what I thought it would be!!!

Josh, 15- Chief Sealth

Jireh, 17 Evergreen

IMG_1209Q: What was your favorite dish tonight by far?

A: My favorite dish was the mango topping on the crepes, I liked the way it was sweet and sour.  It tasted really good on the crepes.  I have made this dish at home before for a different dish.

Q: If you could explain your FEEST experience in one word what would it be?

A: If I could describe FEEST in one word I would use “family” because when I came in today for the first time, everyone was friendly and kind to me I felt like I was accepted for everything I was, I was comfortable and loved it.

Q: Did you cook any dish tonight? If so, what was it and how did you make it?

A: I made the vegetable topping tonight, I mixed up the vegetables, cut them up and made them all together on a piece of lettuce.  It was really simple to make and everyone enjoyed it.

Q: Do you plan to come to FEEST again?  How would you rate your experience?

A: Yes, I plan on coming every week because I truly love FEEST and the feeling that it gives me.  I would rate my experience a 10 and I plan on coming to expand my knowledge on food and knife skills.

Jireh, 17 Evergreen

Jiamin, 18 Chief Sealth

IMG_1318Q: As a student what challenges do you face with food access at school?

A: I don’t eat school food, because I don’t like it! I would rather eat my own food from home! There is not enough school food to satisfy my physical needs.

Q: What’s the biggest risk you’ve ever taken? How does it connect to helping others?

A: Coming to FEEST and trying to learn to cook and be social is the biggest risk I’ve ever taken, FEEST connects to food access because it is easy for people to get to and I love that we get community service hours and FEEST gives people free food!!!

Q: Are you willing to help others in situations where you have the upper hand?

A: Yes, because helping someone is how you make them happy. Whenever you can help someone you should because you don’t know what someone is going through so you should always try to help!

Q: Rate your day 1-10

A: My day was GREAT, I will give it a 9, I had a wonderful time at FEEST! The food was great & tasty!!

Jiamin, 18 Chief Sealth

Zahara, 16 Evergreen Campus


Q:  The dish I most enjoyed making tonight was the omelet with the eggs.

I enjoyed making it because it was fast and quick. It tasted really good and I added a variety of spices to add a kick to the dish! It was wonderful!

Q: What dish did you make tonight?

The dish I personally made tonight was the guacamole with the chips! This dish was one of my favorites because it was spicy and sweet and it tasted very natural and homemade. It made me think of food very differently because I learned that you can turn junk food into healthy snacks if you use the correct ingredients and have enough knowledge about it!

Q: Did you attend the Food Tasting Extravaganza?

I did attend the school food tasting day! I had a very good experience with the samples and how everything was tasted so fresh and just right. I was proud that FEEST could have such an opportunity to do something like that because it changes the way everyone thinks about school food dishes.

Q: How did it make you feel?

In my opinion, I totally hated school before! It now gives me hope that one day I can actually be HAPPY to get in the lunch line and try something healthy and we cooked. I can’t wait to see which dishes end up on the school menu next fall!

Zahara, 16 Evergreen Campus