Yeandra, 15- Evergreen Campus

Our Media Intern, Adara interview a FEEST newcomer, Yeandra about her experience with FEEST.

IMG_1913Q: What did you do at FEEST today?

A: I made fried rice, I stirred the eggs, and kept an eye on the rice, I also went to other teams and asked if they needed any help.
Q: Do you usually cook at home?
A: Yeah, cereal. No, but really, I make pastries like Brownies, cake, muffins.
Q: Was cooking here different from what you usually eat at home? 
A: Kinda. dessert is sweet…
My family makes pasta, sometimes I make it myself.
Q:Did you learn anything new at today?
A: I learned how to make fried rice- like we steamed the rice, cooked the eggs, and added seasoning to the rice and eggs, then we cooked green onions and mixed it all together.  Another part of my team made the curry.
Yeandra, 15- Evergreen Campus

Hannah, 16- Special Guest at Evergreen

We had a special guest at Evergreen Campus at last Wednesday’s dinner, Hannah from Tucson, Arizona.  FEEST media intern, Mariam interviewed her about her experience at dinner.

image1Q: What was your favorite part during tonight’s dinner?

A: I loved the way everyone was talking to each other and laughing.  There was a really good, fun vibe.  It was fun cooking and helping people with their dishes.  I enjoyed being here and cooking with everyone.

Q: What is one thing you will walk away with or remember from tonight’s dinner?

A: I will take away that you can create a lot of different dishes out of many different foods.  I will remember that everyone tonight was very nice and helpful to me.  I learned to make different dishes and use my hands to create them.

Q: What dish did you make or help make tonight?  What did it contain?

A: I created the potato latkes.  It had potatoes, sweet potatoes and onions.  I really enjoyed making it because it was something I never created before in my life.  It is an Irish/Jewish dish.

Q: What is the best dish you ate tonight?

A: The best dish I ate tonight was the banana cake!  It was really good.  I enjoyed eating it.  It had bananas and cinnamon.  I really liked it and it was my first time trying it.

Hannah, 16- Special Guest at Evergreen

Taste Test Extravaganza by Adara Thao

Over the past few months, FEEST interns at Evergreen Campus have been working with Highline Nutrition Services to submit a recipe for school lunch.  Check out this interview about a dinner dedicated to creating recipes at Evergreen HERE.  This past Wednesday, FEEST, with the help of Highline Nutrition Services, YMCA and Tom Douglas organized the Taste Test Extravaganza, where about 100 students from Evergreen had the opportunity to try some potential school food menu items as well as the recipe FEEST submitted.  Our media intern, Adara, tells us all about it:

Photo by Chloe

Here’s the background story that lead up to all of this…FEEST has been working to change school lunches and when we found out that we had a chance to make a change we jumped at it.  At my school, the lunches don’t have much variety, are very repetitive and the food feels old and unappetizing at times. So when they told us that we had the chance to change it we were all excited and enthusiastic to do it!

Photo by Chloe
Photo by Chloe

First, we talked to Lisa Johnson, the Highline Public Schools’ Nutrition Services Director and Sarah Keen, the Nutrition Services Manager about the issues we had and worked together on what we could do and tried to work around the requirements of school food. We ended up talking about a food taste test where students would come and taste healthy, good food and give us their opinions. We worked on trying to make it fun and entertaining by hiring a DJ, and stamp card to make sure everyone went to each booth to taste all the different food. The stamp card would then be an entry into a raffle with really cool prizes! The prizes were ten dollars to DubSea Coffee and Big Foot Java and the grand prize was a 50 dollar gift card to H&M! The grand prize was the one that had everyone hyped up and motivated to go around to each booth. We also had a bingo sheet where they had to go around and get to know people by asking them questions, for example, name one source of calcium. If the person knew it they would sign their name and once they got a bingo they had a better chance of winning.

Photo by Chloe

We also discovered that the recipe we submitted ( a Somali dish, Biryani) was made by Chef Eric Tanaka from Tom Douglas restaurants!

Photo by Chloe

Food wasn’t the only thing there; there was also a booth that had a game about your drinks. It showed what was in a lot of the beverages we drink on a regular basis, like soda, milk, and juice. It showed how much sugar and nutrients were actually in them.
Overall it was a really awesome event which made me feel bad at the same time because my 5th period class was stuck in class and missed out on all the awesome food and games.

Taste Test Extravaganza by Adara Thao

Khatsini, 22- Former FEEST Intern, Current FEEST Board Member


Our Chief Sealth Media Intern, Mahala, got a chance to interview a former FEEST intern AND Current FEEST Board Member, Khatsini at yesterday’s dinner. Check it out:

Q: What could you do to help prevent child hunger?

A: I would make community farms more accessible. Food would be affordable and people would learn how to grow food in schools and create a community where people could come together and learn what foods are good for their body

Q: What’s The Biggest Risk You’ve Ever Taken? How does it connect to helping others? 

A: The first one that comes to mind is when I moved back home after college and I realized how I could be of service to others and I understood how I could be of service to others in my community.

Q: How often do you eat fast food and what is your reasoning for consuming fast food?

A: I hardly eat fast food ever, it doesn’t make me feel good so I try to avoid it, if i do consume fast food, I’m in a rush I’m not slowing down and it’s in my budget.

Q: Do you have a fresh produce market near your home? If so, how often do you go? 

A: I do, I live near the international district. It’s cheap and I go like once a week! It’s nice to support family businesses.

Q: What did you cook today?

A: I made Saint Patty’s Patties! It had eggs, carrots, potatoes, radishes, orange peppers, kale, corn and bok choy.

Q: What was your experience with FEEST today? 

A: It was amazing I love meeting new people, we put love and sweat into those saint pattys patties. AND I DANCED!!! And I LOVE to dance!!

Khatsini, 22- Former FEEST Intern, Current FEEST Board Member

Bradley, 18 Chief Sealth

Our Chief Sealth Media Intern, Mahala, interviewed Bradley, a Senior.
Q: “1 in 5 students suffer from child hunger”
How do you feel about that?
A: Is that real? I feel bad that I haven’t heard about it before. I feel like it shouldn’t be ignored and it shouldn’t be allowed to go on like that.
Q: As a student, what challenges do you face with food access at school?
A: Quality of food in the Lunch room.
Q: How often do you eat fast food and what is your reasoning for consuming fast food?

A:I eat fast food maybe 3 times a month, but if you asked me last year, I would have to say once a week. I stopped eating fast food because of football and I realized that it felt better to eat healthy emotionally.

Q: How often do you eat healthy?

A: With every dinner I have a healthy side but as far as a overall meal maybe 3 times a week

Q: What did you cook today?

A: I made homemade guacamole to put on salad salad sliders. I also learned how to use a knife correctly, I am actually excited to go home and tell my dad!

Q: What was your experience with FEEST today?

A: Very fun, the overall things that I got from it was that it was safe, fun, welcoming, and a overall good cooking lessons and there was a great vibe.

Q: If you had to say one thing that was your favorite part of today? What was it?
A: My favorite part of today was making new friends a learning to cook and get to know people.
Bradley, 18 Chief Sealth

Hahjir, 15 Evergreen High School

Click the link for a flipagram of Hahjir experience at FEEST!

unnamedQ: Why do you come to FEEST?

A: To try new food, meet new people and to have fun. I like to learn new stuff and FEEST is really useful.
Q: How do you use FEEST at home?
A: If I run out of an ingredient I try something else and see if it’s good. If my brother or sisters are running around I say watch out knife! Or hot pot! Also I know how to cut way better now.
Q: How has FEEST inspired you?
A: FEEST has made me a better person i can communicate with anyone and try any dish from any background now I also learned important rules in the kitchen.
Q: How is home food different from FEEST food?
A: My home is only traditional food and only one person cooks it here it is all about team work and I get to try new foods outside my culture.
Q: How is the food different?
A: Here u can prepare any way u want n the ingredients don’t have to be exact n u can cook it any way. It can be spicy sour sweet and u can put any seasonings in the food, u can combine different varieties of food.
Q: Do u cook at home?
A: I have before but I don’t cook normally I try to be creative when I cook. If I make a mistake I don’t give up I make it again n it gets better and better.
Hahjir, 15 Evergreen High School