Jireh, 17 Evergreen

IMG_1209Q: What was your favorite dish tonight by far?

A: My favorite dish was the mango topping on the crepes, I liked the way it was sweet and sour.  It tasted really good on the crepes.  I have made this dish at home before for a different dish.

Q: If you could explain your FEEST experience in one word what would it be?

A: If I could describe FEEST in one word I would use “family” because when I came in today for the first time, everyone was friendly and kind to me I felt like I was accepted for everything I was, I was comfortable and loved it.

Q: Did you cook any dish tonight? If so, what was it and how did you make it?

A: I made the vegetable topping tonight, I mixed up the vegetables, cut them up and made them all together on a piece of lettuce.  It was really simple to make and everyone enjoyed it.

Q: Do you plan to come to FEEST again?  How would you rate your experience?

A: Yes, I plan on coming every week because I truly love FEEST and the feeling that it gives me.  I would rate my experience a 10 and I plan on coming to expand my knowledge on food and knife skills.

Jireh, 17 Evergreen

Jiamin, 18 Chief Sealth

IMG_1318Q: As a student what challenges do you face with food access at school?

A: I don’t eat school food, because I don’t like it! I would rather eat my own food from home! There is not enough school food to satisfy my physical needs.

Q: What’s the biggest risk you’ve ever taken? How does it connect to helping others?

A: Coming to FEEST and trying to learn to cook and be social is the biggest risk I’ve ever taken, FEEST connects to food access because it is easy for people to get to and I love that we get community service hours and FEEST gives people free food!!!

Q: Are you willing to help others in situations where you have the upper hand?

A: Yes, because helping someone is how you make them happy. Whenever you can help someone you should because you don’t know what someone is going through so you should always try to help!

Q: Rate your day 1-10

A: My day was GREAT, I will give it a 9, I had a wonderful time at FEEST! The food was great & tasty!!

Jiamin, 18 Chief Sealth

Zahara, 16 Evergreen Campus


Q:  The dish I most enjoyed making tonight was the omelet with the eggs.

I enjoyed making it because it was fast and quick. It tasted really good and I added a variety of spices to add a kick to the dish! It was wonderful!

Q: What dish did you make tonight?

The dish I personally made tonight was the guacamole with the chips! This dish was one of my favorites because it was spicy and sweet and it tasted very natural and homemade. It made me think of food very differently because I learned that you can turn junk food into healthy snacks if you use the correct ingredients and have enough knowledge about it!

Q: Did you attend the Food Tasting Extravaganza?

I did attend the school food tasting day! I had a very good experience with the samples and how everything was tasted so fresh and just right. I was proud that FEEST could have such an opportunity to do something like that because it changes the way everyone thinks about school food dishes.

Q: How did it make you feel?

In my opinion, I totally hated school before! It now gives me hope that one day I can actually be HAPPY to get in the lunch line and try something healthy and we cooked. I can’t wait to see which dishes end up on the school menu next fall!

Zahara, 16 Evergreen Campus

A Visit from Overlake

IMG_1037Our FEEST interns and students from Overlake High Students came together for a couple of days of Food, Empowerment, Education and Sustainability.  As a group, we had some important discussions on the food system, how oppression plays a role in it and how food justice connects to our world.

IMG_1032On Monday, we invited Overlake students to join us at our office.  In the true spirit of FEEST, we welcomed them with some great food, great introduction activities and our Community Agreements.  During our meeting, we discussed a lot of food justice topics, but the most interesting activity we played was the Spectrum Line Up.  In this activity, one end of the room was if you “totally agreed”, the middle was “kinda, sorta” and the other end of the room was “do not agree at all”.  We were given statements like, “People working in the food industry (production to disposal) get paid the wages they deserve”, “Big food corporations are concerned about peoples health and well being” or “All neighborhoods have access to the same quality of foods”  We lined up according to our beliefs about those statements.  What was fascinating was watching the spectrum start to spread itself throughout the room, students from Redmond, Washington only a mere 23 miles from our students in White Center, Washington had a different perspective on food, how it is accessed or what they knew to be true in our lives.  It was a powerful activity that allows both sides to look at security in the face and open a discussion about it.

The FEEST interns were also able to give Overlake students a review of their past BUSY year.  We talked to them more about our work with the King County Comprehensive Plan, our visit to Olympia for Youth Action Day, the School Food Extravaganza and our work around food deserts.

Before we ended our meeting, we were asked what dreams we had for food justice and to put in on an index card.  We tied them together and wrapped ourselves around it.  It was a great way to end the day with a light and hope for change in our food system.

On Tuesday, the Overlake students joined us at our Chief Sealth dinner, filling our room to the brim with nearly 40 students!  Chief Sealth students, FEEST interns, Overlake students, our extended community members all in one room!

IMG_1047We played a really cool activity, invented by FEEST intern, Mahala, which showed where fresh produce was available in our community.  Dinner was delicious (as per usual) with a giant fried rice, fruit salad, quiche, lettuce tacos, a mango, tofu, curry noodle dish, whole wheat pasta with marinara and garlic bread.  Needless to say, we ate very well with our new friends and community members.

We’d like to thank Overlake for joining us and invite you to come back and FEEST with us again!


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A Visit from Overlake

Meet our new Executive Director, Lisa Chen!

The FEEST Board and staff are beyond pleased to introduce you to Lisa Chen, our incoming Executive Director.


Lisa is thrilled to be joining FEEST as the new Executive Director, she’s had an organizational crush on us since moving to Seattle in 2012. By way of California, Lisa has planted roots in the Pacific Northwest as a volunteer youth mentor at the Service Board and a union organizer focused on empowering working class communities of color. Her political identity stems directly from growing up as the only child of an immigrant single mother where she saw first hand how limited English workers were treated unfairly. In her career, Lisa has led student campaigns against fee increases at the University of California, organized undocumented youth in the fight for comprehensive immigration reform, and worked alongside radical housekeepers to demand better working conditions. She has a special place in her heart for youth work, and believes deeply that transformative breakthroughs in young people will shift our communities to act from a place of love instead of fear. Lisa can’t wait to join an already vibrant team of FEEST staff, youth and leaders! In her spare time you will find Lisa trying new soup recipes, hiking in the Cascades, and attempting to train for her first marathon this summer. Also she’s patiently waiting for pumpkin season to come back to feed her endless pie craving.

Meet our new Executive Director, Lisa Chen!

Yeandra, 15- Evergreen Campus

Our Media Intern, Adara interview a FEEST newcomer, Yeandra about her experience with FEEST.

IMG_1913Q: What did you do at FEEST today?

A: I made fried rice, I stirred the eggs, and kept an eye on the rice, I also went to other teams and asked if they needed any help.
Q: Do you usually cook at home?
A: Yeah, cereal. No, but really, I make pastries like Brownies, cake, muffins.
Q: Was cooking here different from what you usually eat at home? 
A: Kinda. dessert is sweet…
My family makes pasta, sometimes I make it myself.
Q:Did you learn anything new at today?
A: I learned how to make fried rice- like we steamed the rice, cooked the eggs, and added seasoning to the rice and eggs, then we cooked green onions and mixed it all together.  Another part of my team made the curry.
Yeandra, 15- Evergreen Campus