Hey wassup! It’s Khatsini, giving you the scoop on what went down at FEEST tonight. Firstly, great news! FEEST is expanding! Before the actual dinner, we had our first meeting about holding FEEST in the near future at High Point Community Center. We discussed what FEEST would look like there, what possible times it would … Continue reading Khatsini


Feest was very interesting this week. I got a very good vibe from everyone and I had some delicious food. They had a seating arangment at this weeks feest, which I thought was interesting. The seating arangement went youth, adult, youth, adult. The chefs prepared an awe inspiring meal of sweet yam potato french fries, … Continue reading Joel

Ann Norton

This week’s FEEST was merged together with Chief Sealth High School’s talent show. Our expectations were far exceeded when it came to number of people who were coming. However, have no fear, our wonderful kitchen crew were able to save the day by providing enough food for everyone. The performers were very talented and very … Continue reading Ann Norton